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Prop-Forward Laptop stand. Robust, ergonomic and inexpensive. Ships Worldwide for FREE!
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Prop-Forward stands are no longer being manufactured. Many thanks to all our customers of the last ten years.

Prop-Forward Laptop stands are ideal for IT Department use.

Prop-Forward requires no assembly, there is nothing to adjust and there are no moving parts to break or lose. Just get it out of the box, put it on the desk and put the laptop on it.

Prop-Forward is simple, effective, inexpensive and wholly durable. That's why so many large corporations use them.

Corporate orders for more than 100 can be screened with your company's logo for your employees' use or as sales and marketing gifts. These present your logo at a good size on an item that is used every working day and is seen as a gift of value.

30 day unconditional money back guarantee
Simply open out your laptop,
place it in position and
plug in a keyboard and
mouse to create a
proper workstation!
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How do we make such a superior stand that sells for so little?
£30.13 includes any taxes that we pay on your behalf. Shipping is by Air at subsidised prices.

If you are not sure what laptop stand to purchase, take a look at our comparison chart below. It compares "tilt-up" stands with "vertical" stands and because Prop-Forward has some particular advantages over most "vertical" stands we've given it its own column.

Comparison chartProp-ForwardTilt-up standsOther vertical stands
Gives correct user positioning YesNoYes
Improves laptop cooling YesSomeYes
Computer designed for maximum stability YesNoNo
Smallest footprint YesNoNo
Allows access to all function keys and buttons YesYesSome
One size fits all approach YesYesSome
Aesthetically pleasing YesSomeSome
Extremely robust YesSomeSome
Inexpensive YesSomeSome
Shipping by Air Worldwide YesSomeSome
Improves productivity by use of proper keyboard and mouseYesNoYes

What's so bad about just using a laptop straight on a desk anyway?

Because a laptop screen is attached to the keyboard, just using a laptop straight on a desk for anything other than extremely short periods can cause problems related to poor posture. Take a look

Any laptop stand that doesn't raise the top of the screen to eye level isn't actually helping much.

Laptop stands that do put the laptop in the correct position are mostly expensive or flimsy.

It's not all bad news! Prop-Forward is an inexpensive solid metal stand that fulfills all these essential requirements and ships worldwide.

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